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A Hebrew in the Heartland – Girl Obsessed with Israel [audio] 🎧

Not totally out of the usual, Israel has been on an extreme roller coaster ride over the past two weeks. Starting with an Islamic terror attack on the Temple Mount that left two police officers dead and another wounded. The huge out-pour of love and appreciation from Israel’s general public to the tiny Druze minority who have tied their destiny with Israel and the Jewish people. Too often this small Arabic speaking community have paid the ultimate price while continuing to loyally wave the blue and white flag and send their sons to protect the nation.

On today’s show we are going to speak with a non Jewish woman originally from Hungary who grew up in an environment that was at least boarder-line antisemitic if not worse, but at some point in her life she discovered a special love for Israel and the Jewish people. Virag Gulyas now leads the way on a one woman campaign to express support for the Jewish State and she does this wherever she might be in the world and on Social Media. We can learn a lot from her!

A Hebrew in the Heartland 25July2017 – PODCAST


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2 Comments on A Hebrew in the Heartland – Girl Obsessed with Israel [audio] 🎧

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      Thanks for your comment. With respect to your personal belief system, what you are saying does not align with the standards of the Jewish faith. Yes, In Jewish thought we believe in the coming of the Moshiach. But, contrary to Christian theology we do not believe that the Messiah already showed up, died and will come back at some time in the future.

      So, no. Jews are Jews and Christians are Christians, they are not the same religion. While there might be many similarities, there are core differences that are incompatible.

      I have great respect and appreciate people like Virag Gulyas who loves Israel and the Jewish people, and even may be fascinated by many things Jewish. But, still has the integrity to present herself as not Jewish in spite of her felling “Almost Jewish”.

      Thanks for participating in the conversation.

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