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A Subway Stop Named after Trump? Iranian Protests & More – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

Ari Fuld talks about the protests in Iran against it’s government, is this a good sign?
Also, He also talks about Israel’s Arab knesset members and the new underground train planned to be built in Jerusalem, with a stop near the Western Wall to be named after U.S. President Donald Trump.



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1 Comment on A Subway Stop Named after Trump? Iranian Protests & More – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

  1. Salam Ari,

    1) Iranian shiasm is based on incorrect islamic creed the fault lines begin with the fact that you have to return to islamic purity which is Atharism/salafiyah. The problem lies with that Iran used to be the capital of Sunni learning before Iranian shia regimes became formanted in Iran and started to promote shiasm is persia. If Iran was really islamic they would implement a islamic state with the law of Islamic orthodoxy creed. Sadly most persians are rafida and very ignorant to what islam is and they want western secularism because there foundations of islam are incorrect. I actually agree there should be regime change in IRAN where there is sunni leadership. The fact that the SHIA are openly attacking Sunnis in yemen with houthi rebels backed by iranian methodology is a disgrace.

    2) Regarding your question about freedom we dont want western freedom we want freedom and independence from the west there is no nation that has implemented real islamic sharia the closest is saudi arabia. All these problems come from not having a islamic caliphate which restores real law and order. Islam forbids democracy because we have our own laws which contradict secularism.

    Kind regards
    Hamza Ghani

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