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BULLETPROOF’s Ari Fuld Posts Video That Goes Viral

By Ari Fuld

Before you watch this video, please read!
Yesterday was awesome! I mean really awesome!
There were tens of thousands of Jews who gathered in Jerusalem to sing, dance and celebrate the Jewish return to Zion. Something we dreamed about for 2,000 years. After you watch it, please share it. It is important for all to see!

While so many joined the festivities of Jerusalem Day, left wing organizations attempted to ruin the party. Many left wingers curse the day we liberated Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. They actually treat this day with disdain. It is heartbreaking to see Jews siding with our enemies instead of focusing on rejoicing with the gift we were given; Jerusalem. It is horrible to hear Jews accepting historical lies our enemies are using to justify the murder of Jews.

In past years, there have been incidents of vandalism as individuals used the celebration to vent their anger at the Islamic terror and they inexcusably took it out on random Arab people. This behavior has nothing to do with the tens of thousands of others who were there to celebrate, but facts like that do not have any importance to the left wing activists I met…


….I then met a guy with another left wing, self hating organization that was there specifically to catch any jews who bangs on Arab doors. The problem is not that they wanted to catch these vandals, the problem was they were spreading libels against the tens of thousands of people there as if they were involved in a crime that simply did not happen yet! They were there not to cover the event but to cover the person who is misbehaving and they made it perfectly clear that they were indeed generalizing.
Why is this important to see?
It is important to see because todays war is an information war and it must be known that we have people from within who are simply misinformed and causing tremendous harm to Israel.
We must not be silent! We must stand up and shout the truth.
Talking about shouting, my blood was boiling! How could Jews act like this and side with our enemies? HOW?

For the full post that Ari wrote, visit his facebook page HERE.

View this video that went viral, below.


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