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Can You Talk with Someone Who Doesn’t Understand You? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

“Israel and the Diaspora -We Need to Talk
We share a heritage. And a future. But we don’t always see things the same way.” – This year’s theme of the GA held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Some Israelis feel that the GA (General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America) that is now here in Israel, is talking down to Israeli Jews like a parent to a teen. Is this true? And should Israelis who are more knowledgeable of facts on the ground here in Israel speak up? Jewish activist & business woman, Leah Aharoni ( ) joins Tamar and gives her impressions, and frustrations, on the conference.

Also, On Monday, at least 3 knesset members visited Khan al-Ahmar, an illegal Bedouin outpost located east of Jerusalem on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho, The Knesset members and other attendees went in protest against the delay by the government in the evacuation of these illegal Arab squatters. Some term the situation as a ‘conspiracy’ against the Jewish State. See photo images of the Bedouin outpost here: Naomi Kahn, Director of Regavim’s International Division who helped lead Monday’s tour at the site of the illegal squatters, joins Tamar Yonah on the air and explains the facts on the ground.




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