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Stop the world, I want to get off.

June 20, 2018 0

Stop the world, I want to get off.   -sick of the attacks from Gaza. -Rockets, Missiles, Mortars, Kite Bombs, Arson, Border Invasions, Flotillas, Tunnels, Kidnappings & hostage takings, Human Shields, et al -even sicker …Keep Reading!

Insidious Palestinian Project

May 22, 2018 0

by Steven Shamrak No other people have ever established a national homeland in the Land of Israel later re-named “Palestine” by the Romans in order to erase the name of Judea (and Israel),  since the …Keep Reading!

The Defrauded Friar

April 22, 2018 0

By Tabitha Korol Fr. Michael Calabria, a Franciscan Friar of Holy Name Province, is director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at St. Bonaventure University.  His extensive travels throughout the Islamic world and the …Keep Reading!

The Game Plan of C-Span

March 12, 2018 0

By Tabitha Korol C-Span has a dedicated propagandist program that reaches millions of viewers.  It works on the basis of having the viewing audience call in, vilifying Israel or world Jewry, for all the world …Keep Reading!

Sacrifice the Children

August 30, 2017 1

By Tabitha Korol   In April of this year, The Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) LearningMedia featured “Dying to be a Martyr,” a classroom experience about the Middle East for students, ages 9 through 12.  Taxpayer-funded …Keep Reading!

Standing Shiva

June 2, 2017 0

by Ruti Eastman Recently, a fellow convert and I were chatting about the loss of our parents, and the differences between how we mourn, compared with the traditional structure of Jewish mourning. As our yearly observance of …Keep Reading!

Free at Last!

April 4, 2017 0

By now, you may or may not have completed all of your Pesach cleaning and self- or family-tradition-imposed slavery. If you are still struggling with the concept of ever getting everything done in time, please …Keep Reading!

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