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Israel is Preparing for a Serious Major Disaster That Can Come at Any Time!

It’s dangerous, and you have no control over where, or when it will happen, so Israel is telling you what to do that may save your life.  Follow these instructions for you and your family’s safety!

Israel is over-due for an earthquake, and will be holding an Earthquake Preparedness Day this coming Tuesday, June 13th.  At 10:05 all Israeli citizens are urged to practice the proper procedures for safety in case of an earthquake.

Israelis are instructed to remember these simple instructions if caught in an earthquake:

  1. Try to get out to an open area.  According to the Home Front Command video below, this is deemed the safest thing to do.
  2. If you cannot make it outside to an open area, go into your home’s reinforced safe-room (mammad/bomb shelter) or go into the apartment building’s stairwell which is safer.
  3. If you are at the beach, the video instructs you to head away from the shore to higher ground, in case of a tsunami.

According to Ynet News, up to 99% of ‘old’ buildings in Israel are not up to earthquake safety standards and Israel could have a situation with many hurt or killed.

Israel has approved a bill to upgrade and strengthen buildings through what is called, TAMA 38, however, this is a slow process, so citizens need to know safety procedures in case of an emergency.

For more detailed information on how to prepare, and what the correct behavior is in an earthquake, you can go to Israel’s Home Front Command website at
Remember: If you know the safety routine – you’ll be safer in an emergency!


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