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J’accuse! Treachery in Paris

Seventy nations will gather in Paris on January 15, 2017, to decide on Arab-Israeli conflict. 70 is precisely the number of nations the Bible mentions make up the entire world. It is also the Gematria (alpha-numeric value of Hebrew words) for Gog uMagog, the End of Days enemy hell bent on destroying Israel.

Today we are all shocked at the barbarity of ISIS, but it pales in comparison with the bloodbaths of “peace loving” Europe. It was just some 2 centuries ago, in France, that over 41,000 people were executed in the name of “democracy.” The leaders of the French Revolution conducted over 16,500 beheadings! That’s over 50 times the number of beheadings conducted to date by ISIS. France didn’t use a sword, instead they invented the guillotine.

Do we want a nation with more blood on their hands than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to determine our fate?

Why would we let the French continue with a colonial legacy that began with African slave trade, spread to the Caribbean, forcing 100,000 Africans into slavery, and then re-emerging their colonial control in North Africa? Why would we even trust them? Let’s recall that the French were co-conspirators in the treacherous Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. While Jews and Arabs were bleeding on the battlefields of Northern Israel, Sinai, and Aqaba to rid the region of Ottoman control, French diplomats connived with their British cronies to divide the lands of the Middle East they had promised to those fighting for them!

Who, in their right mind, would listen to anything these people had to say.

The last time Paris hosted “international peace conference” was the treaty of Versailles, which drew up the map of Middle East borders not according to the peace interests of the regional nations, but according to France’s and UK’s colonial ambitions in the region. The artificial borders they drew up, and enforced against the will of the peoples living there led to a tsunami of blood and tears felt to this very day. These artificial borders of Iraq and Syria became the incubator which spawned ISIS, and their rape, torture, forced prostitution, and terror which has reached Berlin, Tel Aviv, London, and yes, Paris.

So here is France, –  a nation with a history of barbaric cruelty, colonial imperialism, slavery, treachery to its allies, – which now wants to reprise its role as ‘PEACEMAKER’ by arranging a summit of 70 nations, yet excluding both Israelis and Palestinians in determining their fate.


In 1938, Adolph Hitler met with English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to discuss the fate of Czechoslovakia. The Czechs were not invited. The Munich Agreement, as it came to be known, was signed and the Czechs were told to abandon pieces of their country to a bloodthirsty aggressor for “the sake of peace.” The Czechs did not resist. Within 6 months the Nazis swallowed up the rest of Czechoslovakia. The Czechs became an unwilling Nazi colony before World War II began, and would not be liberated until after the war ended.

This is how it works when ill-intended nations meet to decide the fate of another nation.

Israel is not being invited because what the French, John Kerry, and all those attending have in store for Israel is not something we can accept. So it is NOT peace that the nations are imposing on Israel.


This article was written by Shulamit Ben Horin, co-developer of Succeed in Israel: Making Aliyah Work for You.

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