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Journeys with Jenni

Welcome to Journeys with Jenni.

I’m Jenni Menashe and I’m a local tour guide and event planner here in Israel. I’ll be your host for Journeys with Jenni where we’ll be exploring different places to visit, special events and things to do in Israel; the best of nature, history, and education.

My first trip to Israel was with my parents when I was 12 years old and after one trip to the Baniyas National Park. I was totally hooked. For the last 15 years, I’ve been involved in tourism in Israel, planning personalized itineraries, ensuring that people fully get to see this beautiful country and helping plan celebrations.

When you plan your trip to Israel it’s really important to ensure that things are planned in advance.  You don’t want to waste time each day thinking about ‘what should we do today’ or miss doing something that you really wanted to do, because you didn’t book it in advance; so having a great tour guide is important.

Feel free to contact me, to help you plan your next trip to Israel. In the meantime, enjoy the blog and dreaming about the day when you do get here, to see all the amazing things that Israel has and is.

Shaken but not stirred!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most interesting things in Israel is the ancient archeology. Many people worldwide have seen the Indiana Jones series*. While it’s not all snakes and scorpions, it is a very exciting.

Archeologists are the detectives of history.

Want to be an archeologist for a day??? The Beit Guvrin ‘Dig for a Day’ is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Cost is $30 for an adult and $25 for a kids (between 5 – 14). Price doesn’t include entrance to the Beit

Guvrin National Park. The program is really only 3 hrs and not a full day, but you have to take into account travel time as well since the park near the Elah Valley (where David fought Goliath). You’ll do digging, sifting, and pottery examination; tour the park and crawl through an unexcavated cave. Don’t have a whole day to spend on a dig but still want some archeology in your trip? Then I highly recommend The Temple Mount Sifting Project at Emek Tzurim.

In the valley opposite The Hebrew University – Mount Scopus Campus there exists a unique project.  10 years ago when the Muslim Waqf was ‘renovating’ Solomon’s Stables on The Temple Mount, they refused to have Israel Antiquity Authority supervision and as a result, 400 truckloads of debris filled with archeological artifacts were dumped in a local garbage space. Some archeology students found the debris and had it brought to the current site. The sifting project allows you to experience a little bit of the archeological process and to understand the extreme value of the items being found.

The two hour activity consists of one hour of explanation and introduction and one hour of actual sifting with a wind up to look at what items have been found. There have been a number of great finds, including a silver coin from the Bar Kohba Rebellion, an ancient coin and most recently a First Temple Stamp.

Cost is 15 NIS per person, there are set times and advance booking is required. Hebrew and English programs are given on a regular basis, other languages by request.

Once you’ve spent some time with archeology and finding stuff, you’ll have worked up an appetite.

Next time we’ll be off to the market or ‘shuk’ to take in the sights and smells that are unique to Israel.