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Pickled Camembert


In the Czech Republic, most people I know nickname this “heavenly paradise in the mouth”.  I realized I did not eat it for 6 years because I did not see it anywhere that had a kosher label. The hardest thing about making this is to wait at least 7 days until you can eat it. It is awesome with bread and beer. This version is kind of healthy because we’re using olive oil instead of canola oil.

1 big jar 
5 Camemberts 
1 onion (sliced) 
1 1/2 heads of garlic (crushed) 
3 green chili peppers 
5 bay leafs 
spicy paprika 
chili pepper flakes 
black pepper (whole or crushed)
olive oil 


The most important thing is to stuff the jar really tightly. Make layers of Camembert, onions, garlic, peppers, spice and repeat until the whole jar is full. Before putting the last Camembert in, pour as much olive oil as needed so the cheese is covered. There should not be any dry place in the jar so the cheese can marinate easily. You should not fill the jar to the very top to prevent leaking. Refrigerate for at least a week. It is good idea to check the jar daily -and check that there is enough oil.  – Add if necessary.

If you want to make something really decadent you can cut the Camembert horizontally and add a few pieces of walnuts – close it and than continue as usually.

In case you need the Camembert to be ready sooner, cut it into halves or quarters.




Pearl Devreux is from Czechoslovakia, and has lived in Europe, Miami, Florida, and currently resides in Israel. She jet-sets around a lot and eating only kosher food, she has thus developed and reformed a lot of her own European family specialties into recipes that are so easy,  you can even make some of them in a hotel room.  Nothing can stop Pearl in creating practical and yummy food that all of us can appreciate.  From her “Birthday Cake You Can Make Even with a Baby on Your Lap” and her ‘making Challah even in a Hotel Room’, Pearl is the down to earth,  ‘girl next door’, that we can all relate to.

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