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“What Will Be”

As I find Myself in times of trouble,
All that’s left of my life is a heap of rubble,
Looking for the way, each & every day,
To find my way home,
To the one who feels alone,
For my faith I have not shown.
As I sit & play an instrument, watching people going by,
Each with their own story, and another reason why,
Why walk by when a man is in need?
Why look down, when there is so much to see?
Everyone blinks,
But who really thinks?
What will we see? What will we be?
How will we live? Will we follow or lead?
My soul I wish to feed, like a flowering seed,
Which will grow into a tree, to define what I’ll be.

By Joseph Rothvogel
Joseph Rothvogel is a wine store manager by day & freelance writer by night. Since 2006 Joseph has been writing Inspirational Poetry to express the message of inner strength & perseverance through his life-long journey to spirituality. Today Joseph lives in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn NY & heads the blog Jewish Poet to spread his message.