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Romancing the Stoning Age

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

George Orwell


The safety of the people shall be the highest law.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Enemy at the Gate

Our western leaders seem to be hell bent on ignoring the dangers of Political Islam and the aim by its adherents to impose Sharia Law and wage Jihad on the West. Our ineffectual leaders disregard the Jihad that is being imposed on the West. From President Obama in the US, the new Prime Minister of Canada to the leaders in Europe, they are importing a clear and present danger into our very midst.

Into the belly of our civilization comes an entity that is not compatible with our liberal Western democracies and yet with an unrivaled idiocy our “leaders” bring them by the thousands.  We can see it all over Europe, the destruction of Western civilization as we know it.  The ruling elites have a romance with the barbarity of the 7th century and yet the citizens are powerless to stop it.  

After years of brainwashing and being cowed by extreme leftist views of the ruling intelligentsia those who can still think rationally are being silenced by being labelled as racists and bigots for balking at the tearing down of Western civilization.


Death by Political Correctness

The recent slaughter of 14 unarmed American civilians in California at a Christmas party, where an Islamic Jihadi family cell armed themselves to the teeth with assault rifles and a bomb making factory in their suburban home highlights the issue perfectly.

The neighbors were too afraid to speak up and report suspicious activity they noticed coming from the Jihadi house. They were concerned about being labelled racist. Clearly the extremist Politically Correct climate now dictates if anyone should speak up about suspicious activity by Muslims.  

Even this act of savagery was still was not enough to get the President of the United States to quickly change his strategy of dealing with Islamic terror and begin to crush it. Instead he appeared on television and stubbornly doubled down on his failures while lecturing the American public that they needed to be nice to Muslims and give up their guns.  Give up their guns while he is importing Global Islamic Jihadists into their neighborhoods.  

Assisting the advancement of Sharia even further after the Jihad attack in California, Obama instructed his Attorney General stooge, Loretta Lynch, to attack Americans with the imaginary Islamophobic and backlash card, threatening US citizens with prosecution if they spoke out against Islam.

Nor has this attack in California or the one in Paris stopped the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, bringing plane loads of Syrian loosely vetted, if at all, “refugees” into Canada at break neck speed.  The Islamic State has declared that they will plant their jihadists within these “refugee” populations and still this madness continues.  

The “refugees” can’t even be screened since there are no records from failed, war torn countries like Syria. When vetting, In the US at least, the questions concerning a preference for Jihad and Sharia Law are conveniently left out. They’ve been scrubbed by the Obama administration who don’t want to equate Jihad with Islam.  Offending them might make them mad enough to kill us you see, so if we don’t say anything we’ll be alright.  

Canada has much the same policy leaving us wide open to the horrors that have happened in other Western countries where masses of Muslims have been imported.   We have already had a rape slavery case in Quebec that was all but hidden by our “main stream media” and we’ve also had a shooting incident at a bar in Calgary by two “Mohammed’s”. It has been brushed under the carpet as our law enforcement claim it had “nothing to do with terrorism”.  Where have we heard that before?

Many European countries are being crushed under the weight of these Islamic immigrants.  Take for instance what is being called the New Year’s Rape Refugee incident that happened in numerous cities throughout Europe.  Hundreds of girls were groped and raped on New Year’s Eve by the new Islamic “migrants” and yet it was covered up by the media for days until they were forced to cover it when social media broke the story.  Additionally, the health, welfare and pension systems are near the breaking point.  

Speaking of the Islamic rape epidemic, Sweden has become the rape capital of the world due to the high rate of Muslim men attacking and assaulting the women there. Much of this is hidden and not reported in the mainstream media. We must rely on social media and those who report in the counter-jihad movement.

Of course Israel has seen many deaths recently in the so-called “knife intifada” waged against their civilians by the Global Islamic Jihad. Although the Jihad against the Jews in Israel has been going on for decades under the guise of “Palestinian” land rights and the Israeli “Occupation”.  As the Jihad against the infidel, taught in the Koran, has risen around the world it is becoming clear that Jew killing is just that, Islamic Jihad and it has nothing to do with land.  Although Western leaders still stubbornly refuse to accept this and still force Israel to accept certain annihilation with the Two State Solution.

Trump Stands Up

Filling the vacuum created by our feckless leaders on the regressive left, who side with the Global Islamic movement around the world, Donald Trump seems to be able to read the pulse of the American people.  Right after President Obama gave a speech, reassuring the American public that there is no existential threat from Islam and they need not worry, many US citizens were left feeling betrayed, angry and fearful. Trump jumped into gear and announced that all Muslim immigration must stop until the government could figure out what they were doing.  This resonated with many who are looking for solutions but he was vehemently attacked by those in the media and the ruling intelligentsia.

Trump was reviled in the press but he has been proven right especially after the latest mass rapes in Europe.  People are worried and for good reason and they want a leader who will protect them and their children.

They don’t want a leader who will romance the 7th century barbarism of Islamic Jihad.  Trump knows the fire that the left is playing with is hot.

Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a Canadian pro-Israel Blogger and social media advocate. She began her pro-Israel social networking efforts in 2008 after her first trip to Israel, where she fell in love with the people and the land. Upon returning home, she realized that social networking could be used as an alternate avenue to present Israel’s case & speak out against the rising global Islamic Jihad threat and bypass the mainstream media. She works for United with Israel in donations & social media. Leslie has blogs on the Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, United With Israel and is a contributor to Israellycool & Politichicks.  She has been a contributor to and a guest on Israel National Radio. Leslie spends her time between Canada and Israel.