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The Aaron Katsman Show

On this show we look back at those financial new years resolutions that were made on January 1st and have already been broken.

Aaron gives financial tips how succeed with making financial change and gain financial empowerment.

First aired: February 22, 2016


Aaron Katsman book

Aaron Katsman: Combining expert investment advice with integrity

Aaron Katsman is the President and CEO of Lighthouse Capital, a boutique wealth management firm based in Jerusalem, Israel.  Aaron is licensed as an investment advisor by the Israeli Securities Authority and in the United States by FINRA.

Aaron Katsman is also the author of the book Retirement GPS: How to Navigate Your Way to A Secure Financial Future with Global Investing (McGraw-Hill), and is a licensed financial professional both in the United States and Israel.

Aaron has over twenty years’ experience helping people open and manage their investment accounts in the United States. Securities are offered through Portfolio Resources Group, Inc. ( Member FINRA, SIPC, MSRB, SIFMA, FSI.

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