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The Walter Bingham File – An Honest Examination Of Our World

Walter examines and comments on the events of the past two weeks, that impacted directly or indirectly on Israel.

The feature interview is with David Bedein, Director of the Centre for Near East Policy Research about UNWRA’s ongoing connections with terrorism.

Walter also discusses the restrictions for Jewish visits to the Temple Mount and the audacity of the Jordanians to try and prohibit it.  He strongly advocates to retake our Holy Site because we are supposed to promote religious freedom for all.

The 96th anniversary of the St.Remo Conference went almost un-noticed, yet it was the first international conference that committed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  Hear the details.

Antisemitism is again out in the open and Walter looks at the implications particularly in the UK.

He also lists and compares the casualties of wars and conflicts since 1948 that are unconnected with Israel and notes the unbelievable high numbers of dead and wounded, compared with the minimal numbers of both sides of our own conflict, yet Israel is presented as the villain.

Then there is President Obama’s hypocrisy analysed by Professor Dershowitz

And as we just lit the flame for the Shoah, the Holocaust, that we remembered this week,  Walter brings a 1945 recording from the liberation of Bergen Belsen;

And lots more.