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A Hebrew in the Heartland – Fighting for Israel in the UK [audio] 🎧

On today’s show we are going to have three very special guests. Starting off in the Heartland of Israel in the very heart of the blessed mountain Mount Gerezim we will be speaking with Yonatan Behar of Har Bracha a rabbinical scholar and residents of the town of Har Bracha.

We’ll be speaking about this place Mount Gerezim mentioned in the Torah reading Parashat Ki Tavoh this past Shabbat. The blessings for the nation of Israel were recited on this mountain when they entered the land under the leadership of Joshua Bin Nun. Yonatan will also tell us all about the amazing growth and building going on at Har Baracha.

Later in the show we will be going over to the UK, to England to speak with Mandy Blumenthal about Arab Member of Knesset who hates Israel and came to the UK to incite against and spread hatred against Israel and to incite to violence in the UK. Mandy and some other pro Israel advocates went to record this event. At the gathering she was assaulted by the anti Israel crowd of thugs who gathered at this meeting. This whole event was recorded and shared on Facebook. We will be speaking with Mandy about what went on there and about her activism confronting anti-semitism, and support Israel in the UK.

Later in the show we will return to the Heartland of Israel and be speaking with Yehuda Aryeh Pollack, a Jewish farmer and pioneer who grows vines in the mountains of the Shomron and makes wines here, fulfilling prophecy fulfilling the words of Jeremiah the Prophet “again you will plant vineyards in the mountains of Samaria, Shomron. We are going to have a very exciting show. I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to seeing you here in the Heartland of Israel, so I hope that the words of my guests will encourage and bring you here to the land.

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