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A Woman Who Was Threatened By The Hamas – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

Ari Fuld speaks with ‘Jerusalem Jane’ who was threatened by the Hamas.
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3 Comments on A Woman Who Was Threatened By The Hamas – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

  1. 1) Too those who Support Trump who killed Anwar Awlaki 8 year old girl Nawar and authorised her killing shows that the man is open murderer.

    2) His country is a mess for America to think they are leaders of the so called free world and call black countries “sh** holes” which most used to be muslim countries but know sadly are kaffairs because the caucasation have taken there resources and raped Africa and instilled missionary work on a level which is unpredented every where you go in kenya for example christian caucasation missionary work is everywhere.

    3) Africa is still a HUB for Islam it being a developing nation after the colonisation and slavery of africa and the destruction of the sakoto caliphate. In actual fact the early zionists were considering africa for being modern state Isreal because some blacks are still the orientalist jews who stem from Ethopia, sudan etc… Africa has always been religious continent but the west has been infiltrating and exploiting Africa for centuries.

    Kind regards

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