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BULLETPROOF – Terrorists, Morality, Tolerance and Parades [audio] 🎧

Ari Fuld tackles two politically charged topics;  the morality of killing a terrorist at the scene of his attack, and then over to the gay pride parade in Jerusalem.  Ari tells you his ‘personal’ opinion.  Do you respectfully agree or respectfully disagree?


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1 Comment on BULLETPROOF – Terrorists, Morality, Tolerance and Parades [audio] 🎧

  1. You have no argument; there are many advocating incest, child sex etc be ok, love is love right? and after all it’s democracy where the people rule or riot. The Covenant delivered to MOses, was a legal governance for the land of Israel; not a “religion”. Rome all religions were acceptable, in Greece, in democracy freedom of religions. You can’t win with religion. The NWO wants no boundaries.

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