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BULLETPROOF – Why Didn’t They Kill the Terrorist? [audio] ?

Ari talks about the terrorist attack Thursday morning which killed one and wounded another, in a car-ramming terror attack near the Jewish community of Ofra. The question is, why didn’t Israeli security forces kill the terrorist? And also, how is it known for sure that this was a terror attack, and not a simple accident? The MADA volunteer explains EXACTLY why, and you don’t want to miss this show!
Also, Ari askes the question, ‘Should I srael get involved in the war in Syria after the horrible sarin gas scene with children dying an agonizing death. His answer may surprise you.
Lastly, Ari speaks with Daniel from LeKedashim , where people can learn the Oral Torah in memory of those killed defending the state of Israel.



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1 Comment on BULLETPROOF – Why Didn’t They Kill the Terrorist? [audio] ?

  1. How do you really know that assad used toxic gas on his people? He is pushing out ISIS and the rebles with Russia. So why would he do this? I think it is more of a false flag attack.

    Israel and the world should let the muslim lunatics kill themsleves.

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