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Born in Russia and educated at Moscow University, Alexander Boot lectured on English literature, wrote art and film criticism, and made a nuisance of himself with the authorities. Pursued by the KGB, he emigrated in 1973, first to the USA and then, in 1988, to the UK. For a long time he combined writing for various publications with a successful business career. When this became difficult, he retired as company director in 2005 and began to write full-time. Alexander Boot is the author of How the West Was Lost (2006), God and Man According to Tolstoy (2009), The Crisis Behind Our Crisis (2011), How the Future Worked (2013), Democracy as a Neocon Trick (2014) and co-author of A Nation That Forgot God (2010). He divides his time between London and Burgundy, working on his next book.

For all of his witty commentary on world news & events, you can visit his website at:

Boycott Israelis, Welcome Murderers

January 24, 2016 0

A group of 71 British doctors are agitating to expel Israel from the World Medical Association. Scientists, like our own Stephen Hawking, want to bar their Israeli colleagues from international congresses. The American Anthropological Association …Keep Reading!