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Josh Wander served as an IDF commander in Lebanon and officer in the US Air Force aux. before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs. Politically he served as an adviser in the Israeli parliament and as the online content editor for The Jerusalem Post. In the US, he was the Republican nominee for mayor of Pittsburgh. Today Josh lives with his wife and six children on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and is an active first responder with the Hatzalah, MADA and Zaka emergency medical aid organizations.

Israel Unplugged is where you get the unadulterated facts of where we are holding in the redemptive process. Focusing primarily on the in gathering of the exiles.
Josh promises no spin, no twist, just facts on the ground!

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Israel Unplugged

July 1, 2020 0

CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE LATEST ARCHIVED SHOWS OF ‘ISRAEL UNPLUGGED’ WITH JOSH WANDER. ‘Israel Unplugged’ airs every Monday at 4pm Israel time / 9am US eastern time.   Josh Wander hosts the show called, …Keep Reading!