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Penina Taylor is a world renowned speaker and author and she hosts Israel News Talk Radio’s ‘Leap of Faith’.  Leap of Faith is an inspirational program with personal stories from people who have embarked on a spiritual journey towards Torah.

Regardless of what topic Penina speaks on, her audiences always come away enlightened and inspired.    

Born into a secular Jewish family, and faced with a traumatic childhood, Penina embraced Christianity while in High School. However, after 17 years in leadership in the Christian and Hebrew-Christian communities, Penina Taylor’s studies brought her to a revelation that turned her world upside down, and in 2000, Penina embraced the Faith of her forefathers by returning to Judaism.

Now, as a Jew who has “come home”, Penina shares her story as well as speaking on a wide variety of inspirational and engaging Jewish subjects, inspiring Jewish people across the religious spectrum towards a meaningful, deep and relevant relationship with G-d within the context of Judaism. Penina has written two books, “Coming Full Circle: A Jewish woman’s Journey through Christianity and Back” and “Scripture Twisting: A course in Jewish-Christian Polemics”.  To invite Penina to speak to your community, email her at

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Leap of Faith airs every Sunday at 5pm Israel time / 10am US eastern time.

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