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Getting In Touch With What We Really Really Want! – Soul Talk [audio] 🎧

Do you know what’s important to you? What are your top priorities? Even if you can give yourself a clear answer, it’s not uncommon to give priority to less important aspects of life and more time, energy and emphasis on what I might honestly say…is less important. Why?

I might say that quality time with my family is more important to me than money… yet constantly work overtime to make more money and subsequently have less time with my family.
I might say that being trustworthy is more important than popularity…yet gossip about my friend so others will think that I’m interesting.
I might say that my top priority is a quality relationship with my spouse, yet make a caustic remark whose negative effects are hard to repair.


Listen to Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to clarify what’s really imporant and Get In Touch With What We Really Really Want.

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