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Helter-Skelter – Or Why it’s Okay to Kill a Jew

WARNING:  Links of images inserted into this article are extremely graphic.

He entered their home to commit a gruesome murder, killing all he came in contact with. When one of the occupants in the living room was caught by surprise by the stranger in the house, and fearfully asked who the intruder was and what he was doing there. The murderer said, “I’m here to do the devil’s business.”

…And after his bloody rampage with a knife on the people in the home, he left the floors red with blood. [link contains graphic image]

This murderous scene of course had other details, it happened in 1969, the murderer came with other accomplices, one of the victims was a beautiful actress in Los Angeles, Calif., and they wrote “Death to Pigs” on the wall with blood. I am talking about the Sharon Tate murders, by the followers of ‘their prophet’, Charles Manson.

And so it was in the Salomon home in Halamish, Israel this last week when their home was invaded during their night time Sabbath meal where they were caught by surprise and then brutally murdered by a knife-wielding attacker.

The results of these two murder scenes were more or less the same. A break in, gruesome murders, blood everywhere, and the devil at work. Except this terrorist devil-murderer followed the Prophet Mohammed, and wrote on his facebook page that he was declaring war for Allah, and probably used the words “Allah-hu-Akbar” as he was stabbing his 4 innocent victims, among them, two senior citizens, and …it was Jewish blood he spilled, – so nobody cared.

Doing a google search for the words “Tate murders” you get well over 76,000 results. And this show of results had to be fed onto the internet, since all the news and publicity about the Tate murders happened well before the internet. It was before online news sources, before bloggers, before the social media. Skip ahead to today where anyone and everyone can write/talk about these murders, -and what does a search for “Salomon murders” get you on google? Around 350 or so results. – Again, because Jewish blood is cheap, and it was an Arab Muslim who did it, who of course could not be blamed. Like the Manson murderers wrote on the wall ‘Death to pigs’, this Arab-Muslim terrorist also hated pigs and so felt he had a license to kill Jews because:

The Jews are the sons of apes and pigs. – Kill them.
The Jews are occupying his land. – Kill them.
The Jews put metal detectors at Al-Aqsa. – Kill them.
The Jews are praying on the Temple Mount. – Kill them.

The Jews are infidels. – Kill them.

Take your pick, or add your own reasons why it’s okay to kill a Jew in this ‘enlightened 21st century’, and that it’s okay for the world media to either ignore terror attacks against Jews, or at best, excuse the murderers and turn ‘the devil’ into the victim.

It certainly is a double-standard Helter-Skelter world, but when the devil is an Arab-Muslim terrorist, and the victim is a Jew, it’s not hard to read the bloody writing on the wall.

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