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In the Shadow of possible indictment the PM runs five Ministries! – The Walter Bingham File [audio] 🎧

First: In a Democracy should a Prime Minister hold five ministerial portfolios, or does this amount to abuse of power?

Now: A few sentences about oils and foils, in other words about Chanuka oil and Maccabean swords.

Tunnel vision: And war fever In the north of Israel.

Hear: Who at the UN General Assembly voted for terror; and Walter’s suggestion how to deal with those States.

Listen: To Prime Minister Netanyahu giving what could be called a State of The Nation speech to the Foreign Press Corps and Diplomats.

Will: President Trump’s much anticipated but delayed Middle East Peace Plan be any more successful than all the others by his predecessors, or will it be a waste of the paper it’s written on? Hear Walter’s assessment.

Netanyahu’s Dilemma: How will he respond to Trump’s Peace Plan expected to be painful for Israel when it finally appears? Reject it and risk the American President’s ire, or accept and face vehement objections and an anti Trump U turn at home?

Even In Merkel’s Germany: Anti-Semitism shows echo’s of the early 1930’s
Plus: Should Diaspora Jewry be entitled to vote in Israeli elections?

Pray For the recovery of Shira Yael Bat Leora Sara, the 21 year old who was badly hurt and lost her baby, and for her husband Amichai Yishai Ben Galila who was also wounded.

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