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Iran’s Jew-baiting and Delusions of Peace – Phantom Nation [audio] 🎧

Iran’s first direct military attack against Israel, and the madness of thinking the “Palestinians” want a state.

Phantom Nation 12Feb2018 – PODCAST


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1 Comment on Iran’s Jew-baiting and Delusions of Peace – Phantom Nation [audio] 🎧

  1. I hear your angyst. Don’t you sometimes wish that you were not the Chosen People? My theory is that the eldest child in HaShem’s economy has to catch hell for what the rest of us do…Goyim are definitely not your enemy.. Aren’t Karl Marx and George Soros both Jews by ethnicity? I will agree that the present pope is either getting senile or perhaps evil. I was baptised Roman Catholic at 2 weeks old. Today I am simply a believer in Jesus Christ/Yeshua. People may have done evil to the Jews in the past and present. However, Jesus will not abandon his own blood relatives. Thank you for reading my message of faith and hope for Israel, Susan Miller

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