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Israel in Africa, Columbia U and Pakistain – A Hebrew in the Heartland [audio] 🎧

Israel in Africa

On Today Show David Ha’ivri will be speaking with Ayoob Kara member of Knesset and minister of communications in the Netanyahu government. Cara has just returned from a delegation to Africa with Prime Minister Netanyahu where they attended the inauguration for President Kenyatta of Kenya. There, Netanyahu also announced the opening of a new Israeli Embassy in Rwanda. And apparently Israel is not becoming more isolated but on the contrary this government is expanding Israel’s reach in the International Community and improving relations with these countries. We will also be speaking about Ayoob Kara’s vision for regional cooperation and establishment of a front including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States to stand up to Iranian aggression and it’s support for terrorism and radical Islam.
Podcast collaboration

David will be speaking with American Jewish conservative analytical chick who podcasts on YouTube. On a collaboration on her Channel they will be discussing the relations and dispute between the American Jewish reformed movement and Netanyahu’s government. Is there a real issue here or are liberal-minded Jews inflaming a situation as an excuse to bash Netanyahu? Hear the whole discussion on Youtube collaboration with Analytical Chick
On the Front Lines

Columbia University the new front for Defenders of Israel. David will be speaking with IDF officer Reserves Ofir Dayan who has chosen to study at Columbia because it is the side of major anti-Israel operations on campus. Ofir grew up in the Shomron community Maale Shomron and and was active in the Jabotinsky Betar movement as a youth. She is a proud secular Israeli who believes that Judea and Samaria is the cradle of Jewish civilization and culture and that this region must remain part of the state of Israel forever.

At Columbia University Ofir and her Zionist group confronted the anti-Israel propagandists who claimed that Israel is pink-washing. If you don’t understand what that means, listen to the show and check out their video on Facebook.

Pink Washing the Pink Washers…/?type=2&theater
From Pakistain with Love

Would you be surprised to know that young people in Pakistan enjoy listening to Israeli music. We will be speaking with a young man who is not only a big fan of his rally pop music and film but also writes about ‏it and blogs on the internet.

Sarmad Iqbal is a Pakistani writer, blogger and student who has a penchant for reading, writing, learning languages, and studying cultures, religions and geo-political affairs. His articles have been published in Pakistan’s ‘The Nation’ newspaper, Dunya Blogs, ARY Blogs, Parhlo, the Times of Israel, International Policy Digest, the Algemeiner, BuzzFeed, Youth Ki Awaaz, the Jerusalem Post, in the Armenian Weekly,the Massis Post,The Quint India and also in American Comeback magazine. He can be reached on Twitter: @sarmadiqbal7.

Photo credit: Ayoob Kara

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