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“It can be done” the rescue of Jews from Nazi Occupied Europe – Beyond the Matrix [audio] 🎧

“It can be done” the rescue of Jews from Nazi Occupied Europe during the holocaust, Listen to Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview returning guest Dr. Rafael S. Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute on Holocaust discuss the 75th Anniversary of the rescue of 7,000 Danish Jews in October 1943 that demonstrate the infamy of the US British Bermuda Conference in April of that year convened but failed come up with options to rescue Jews because it would divert resources from the war effort defeating the Nazis. The Danish rescue of Jews to sanctuary in Sweden proved FDR and Churchill wrong. “It can be done” was the message of a monster rally at Carnegie Hall on October 31, 1943 organized by the group of five intrepid Palestinian Revisionist Zionist Jews, the Bergson Boys, supported by major figures from the entertainment world like Orson Welles. The Bergson Boys, journalists and members of Congress were pushing the FDR Administration to set up a refugee organization to rescue Jews during the Holocaust. Fake statistics provided by anti-Semitic State Department official at a House Foreign Relations revealed by reporters and the Bergson Boys ultimately led to the formation of the War Refugee Board. The WRB, despite little support from both the State and War Department and with limited resources were ultimately able to save an estimated 200,000 Jews during the holocaust. Medoff criticizes the current US Holocaust Memorial Museum for white washing FDR’s administration barring for bombing the death camps and railways when it was clear in 1944 that the US and British Air forces were doing that daily. He noted 12,000 Jews killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau daily arguing that bombing would have spared thousands more.



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