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Moses did it, Ben Gurion did it, will Netanyahu join them? – The Walter Bingham File [audio] 🎧

Why: The Deal of the Century is doomed.

is: Israel an independent sovereign state, or beholden to the interests of a transient American administration?

Hear: Nadia Matar explain, why now is the time to extend Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan valley.

Since Oslo: Negotiations, but back to square one.

The: Unbelievable fantasy of Mahmoud Abbass and how the international community applauds his lies.

Walter’s view: On Britain, France, Germany and the others who conveniently use Israel, to divert their peoples’ attention from their internal problems.

The long: Tentacles of the George Floyd revolution continue to grow.

Opinion Polls: A political tool to mislead the public.

Has: Netanyahu lost his magic touch? Why are his friends deserting him and why are so many diverse sectors of the population calling for his resignation?

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Has one final chance to redeem himself by Following the example of Moses who did not bend to the scare mongering majority but followed the optimistic path.

Why: Netanyahu must copy the resolve of David Ben Gurion, who ignored the views of the week and the meek and changed the Jewish world for ever, by declaring the establishment of the State of Israel. He did not talk, he acted. By declaring full sovereignty now, the country may forgive Bibi’s other errors and only remember his many achievements.
thought: You might like to hear the full text of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. So I am reading it here.

Almost: Ignored by the media, Israel chalked up another great technical success in space. But that doesn’t sell papers or swelled viewer figures !

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