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Jerusalem’s own Andrea Simantov hosts a fun and informative show called “Pull Up a Chair!” on Israel News Talk Radio.

Andrea is a frequent columnist for The Jerusalem Post and is a monthly contributor for JLife Magazine in Orange County California and the San Diego Jewish Journal.  Until it’s closure, she was the host of the popular ‘Gimme A Break’ radio show on Rusty Mike Radio station.   A former Manhattan-based public relations and marketing manager, today Andrea is the owner of Great Cuts & Makeovers beauty company.  She lectures to women throughout Israel on health, attitude and laughing, celebrating life to the fullest.

As a divorced, single mother of six, in 2011 New York born Andrea married former South African Ronney Zaltzman, a widowed father of two adults.  Together they are the ecstatic grandparents of 26 relatively well-behaved children.  Andrea and Ronney have yet to master the art of growing old gracefully as they compete in spinning marathons, are avid snorkelers and were the oldest contestants ever to appear on Israel’s “The Amazing Race.”

“Pull Up a Chair!” will focus on the ‘fun Israel’, introducing listeners to off-the-beaten-path people and places that rarely grace the front pages of the Middle Eastern press:  Moms, entrepreneurs, daredevils, closet-pundits, street-cleaners, rabbis, wannabe-rabbis, chefs, eaters and others, all will have a seat at Andrea’s table.  We’ll visit the weird and I’ll-be-darned stories of the week and try to make sense of the unsensible.

Or not.

Whether exploring issues of self-growth, food, spirituality, parenting, relationships, age-discrimination or personal finance, each week Andrea will address exciting topics that speak to you and those you care about.

As Israel News Talk Radio grows better and better, the addition of “Pull Up a Chair!” with Andrea Simantov ensures that an already stellar line-up of top-drawer programming will continue to excite and challenge a broad range of intelligent listeners.

US Eastern time:  Wednesday nights, 12 midnight  (or read it as Thursdays EARLY wee morning 12:08am)

Israel time:              Thursdays 7am


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