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Sheep No More With Jonathan T. Gilliam – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

Jonathan T Gilliam was a Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, DHS advisor and Special Agent with the FBI, now he has taken his experience and expertise and put it into a book to train you how not to be a victim. Gadi sat down and interviewed the man behind the book and covers everything from his life to how you can learn to not be a victim.
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The Danger Zone 18De2017 – PODCAST


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4 Comments on Sheep No More With Jonathan T. Gilliam – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

  1. 1) I got a few questions does CIA operate with Mossad in the united kingdom when doing counter terrorism work do they work with Mi5?

    2) When so called POI ( person of intrest) is under survelance what technologies are used to keep tabs on a POI. I Would like feedback on this these questions thank you.

    Kind Regards
    Hamza Ghani

  2. POI/SOI A Subject of interest is monitored by many means tapping phones, remote computing, bugs in the room etc I just wanted to ask because does Isreal have equivalent to GCHQ/NSA. Does Yossi Cohen team work within these organisations because they do work in Europe? I ask because I am under Prevent legislation and I am curious on how CTIU Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Units in isreal operate…

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