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Honesty in Politics Is Political Suicide?

September 20, 2023 0

(SCROLL DOWN to watch video, click on the image BELOW) Is there honesty in politics? Moshe Feiglin, from is a Jewish activist and former Knesset member in the Likud political party. He talks to Tamar Yonah about …Keep Reading!

Blood, Deceit & Exposure

January 18, 2022 0

(to watch video, click on the image below the text) Dr. Jane Ruby talks about the deadliness of having the mRNA bio-weapon in the human blood stream, the batches that are ‘selectively’ distributed throughout the world, the …Keep Reading!

The War Against G-d

December 23, 2021 0

Brother Alexis Bugnolo from Rome, speaks with Tamar Yonah, expressing that ‘billions could die within the next couple of years‘.   To watch this interview, click the video BELOW this text (and not the image …Keep Reading!