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The ‘Most Maligned’ Rabbi in America – Beyond the Matrix [audio] 🎧

Rabbi ”J”, Jonathan Hausman of Ahavath Torah Congregation of Stoughton, Massachusetts in a compelling interview with Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon. He is a classic independent liberal in orientation, now considered Conservative, fighting against what he deems “the religion of leftism”. Rabbi Hausman is a staunch advocate for freedom of speech, actively engaged in Jewish –Evangelical dialogue. In memory of his parents, Rabbi J established the Irwin M. and H. Ethel Hausman Memorial Free Speech Forum featuring speakers of national and international significance. Quite often, he will put his position as a rabbi on the line when getting involved and advocating for the First Amendment and in providing a platform to renowned international speakers who are, at times, not “popular” in the mainstream. Given his expertise in comparative theology and doctrine, Rabbi J has also been called on to assist legislative battles involving American Laws for American Courts across several states regarding laws to protect fundamental Constitutional rights fighting opposition from a bizarre cabal of ‘ABC” Jewish Defense organizations, the Islamic Society of Boston, and the Council of American Islamic Relations and the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis. Rabbi J is co-founder of Faith Leaders for America, an interfaith group of clergies focused on national security issues and defending the Judeo-Christian moorings of Western civilization. Rabbi J is also a polyglot. Fluent in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, he spent several years living in Egypt where he witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the Muslim Brotherhood and the persecution of the Coptic Christian community. He is also co-founder of Saving the Persecuted Christians, a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to assisting these beleaguered Christian communities based on his experience in the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry.
Rabbi J is a passionate and unapologetic supporter of the State of Israel and has many family members residing in the Jewish State. Rabbi Hausman received his BA in Religion and Judaic Studies and an MA in the Middle East and Jewish Studies from The George Washington University in Washington DC and received his JD from Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, GA. He received his rabbinic ordination from the Tifereth Israel Rabbinical Yeshiva in New York.


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4 Comments on The ‘Most Maligned’ Rabbi in America – Beyond the Matrix [audio] 🎧

  1. So this show of Rod Bryant, was just to read..

    Not a radio show…

    Any way thanks.
    REPLY FROM INTR EDITOR: Thank you for letting us know of the problem. The link has been fixed.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for this great interview, with Rabbi Jonathan Hausman,
    it was so nice to hear his story. And he spoke boldly of the persecution of Christians in many parts of the world.
    Gd bless you Rabbi.

    Thank you Rabbi J.Hausman, and thank you Rod Bryant.

    I have to hear it at least once again.

    Gd bless you all and your families… Amen.


    P.S: Thank you all at INTR… Gd bless each of you and your familes … Amen.

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