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The Tamar Yonah Show – Was the Turkey Coup a False Flag Operation?

Is it coincidence that the military coup in Turkey made President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even stronger, and gave him a legitimate excuse to go after his enemies in a witch-hunt? Already 6,000 of his enemies are no longer in power from the widespread arrests going on. What is really happening behind the scenes? And why the sharp increase in terror of Western civilization that we have never seen before in history?

Professor Francisco Gil-White from Historical and Investigative Research joins Tamar and explains very clearly the ideas and motivations of those in power that are turning the world on its head today. Also, Chris, a listener from Chicago, calls into the show and asks what will happen if ISIS is defeated? Who will fill the vacuum in the Middle East? The answer is astounding! This is a NOT TO MISS SHOW!

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1 Comment on The Tamar Yonah Show – Was the Turkey Coup a False Flag Operation?

  1. I still think that Russia was behind it, and that the coup was called off because a deal was struck with Secretary John Kerry during his visit to Russia (the coup in Turkey was staged while Kerry was in Russia). Russia invaded Crimea in order to secure the Russian ports located there in the face of civil unrest in the Ukraine. There is no need for secure Russian naval ports in the Crimea unless Russia has free and secure access to the Mediterranean, and for this Russian ships must pass through Turkish waters, and for this, Russia needs the assurance that it’s access to the Mediterranean will remain unobstructed, just as Russia wanted the peace of mind knowing that it’s ports on the Crimea would remain intact and available.

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