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The Tamar Yonah Show – Why was London a Target for Terror? [audio] 🎧

The UK has been attacked AGAIN.
Why was the UK attacked? Are they Zionists? Are they occupying any Arab Land? They’re not Jews. So why were they a target? Isn’t Islam supposed to be the religion of peace? How can we understand this?

Tamar speaks with guest Shifra Hoffman of and . Shifra pundits on the US embassy not moving to Jerusalem, and instead urges Jews to move to Israel.

Afterwards, Noor Dahri, a counter terrorism expert and founder of ‘Pakistan Israel Alliance’, based in the UK joins Tamar and tells her that there are approximately 23,000 Jihadists in the UK, and that Muslims need to help Britain’s intelligence agencies and tell them about any possible dangerous people they need to know about.
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Lastly, Adel Darwish, a British political commentator gives an update on the situation of the wounded from the terror attack in London, and gives his take on how to bring Britain’s Muslims closer to British culture and values.

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