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There Was No Armenian Genocide – Phantom Nation [audio] ?

Israel and all Jews shoot themselves in the foot when supporting the “Armenian Genocide”


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3 Comments on There Was No Armenian Genocide – Phantom Nation [audio] ?

  1. this is total garbage! the massacre of ARMENIANS was not made up. What do you think that only massacred.? get over yourselves and this ASHKENAZIC bigotry.

  2. Sir, you must listen again. I never said what you say I said. I never said there was no massacre. I explicitly said there was a “monstrous massacre.” I spoke of knowing personally victims of this monstrous massacre. You need help either psychiatric or neurological for hearing what was not said. I explained that the word “genocide” is NOT a synonym for massacre. 1.5 million Armenians were murdered, mutilated, tortured, raped, but that is still not genocide. Listen again and learn something that will take you out of your reflex, bigoted hatred of Ashkenazi Jews. Listen again and apologize for your own insulting verbal garbage.

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