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Walter, A Beggar In The Street – The Walter Bingham File [audio] 🎧

Britain’s Parliament: Advanced a bill to ban local councils and public funded bodies like Universities fromimposing economic boycotts on countries of their choic.e.

This: Is how Britain’s secular so called “Zionist” youth movements reacted. They support BDS against Israel to uphold freedom of expression. They are Labur’s Habinim Dror; Noam, the ‘Zionis’t’ Masorty youth and both ‘zionist’ Netzer clubs for Liberal and reform youth.

What: New Yorkers believed to be a matter for the border states has now become their problem. Illegal immigrants are overflowing into hotels, school gyms and playground and onto the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue. Hear how the concept of sanctuary city has become New York’s boomerang. The city can no longer cope. The political dream to create permanent Democrat electorate gas misfired.

The: N,Y Justice Reform act has transformed the iconic centre of Manhattan into a hive of’ ‘free for all’ crime. No money bail, felonies have become misdemeanas and pre trial detention is rair. The criminal; assurances surfice.

Should: There be women Rabbis, and as the Psalms tell us, should we play music in our Synagogues? Walter’s World invites ou to take part in this open discussion. Write to

The : Political opposition has no mor ammunition left, so they turn to a smear campaign against our Prime Minister, by calling him an Iranian Spy

A Favourable Press: For Sara Netanyahu but digs at her husband.

Hear: Walter’s remedy of how to curtail the antisemitic terror attacks in the western world.

Also: When Walter was a beggar in the street and what he learned from it.

And: A great lot more


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