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Report: Over Half of Chinese Population Now Under Quarantine – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

Something is wrong. Something just doesn’t add up.
How serious a danger is the coronavirus as compared to other infectious diseases which kill millions of people a year? When you look at how many people the Chinese government claims to have contracted the Coronavirus (less than 80,000), and how many have died so far from it (under 2,000 people), one wonders why they have taken such drastic measures as to force over half its population under quarantine and lock-down. It is especially confounding when the coronavirus so far, doesn’t even come near the death-rate of other infectious diseases like Influenza, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, HIV, and Diarrheal diseases. If this is the case, does the danger of the Coronavirus (which according to statistics given out, most people survive this virus) justify the government in shutting down its people, ports, and demand a forced quarantine? The numbers just don’t add up to justify taking such drastic measures like this. Tamar talks about the matter, and that maybe the numbers of deaths in China are MUCH HIGHER than the Chinese government is willing to admit.
Check out this dramatic news report on the coronavirus:…&

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