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The IDF Prepares to Target Iranian Nuclear Sites as Biden Pursues “Diplomacy.” – The Definitive Rap [audio] 🎧

Interview with Barry Shaw from the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

This week, as Jews around the world celebrate Chanukah – the festival of lights, the triumph of good over evil, there are many troubling issues, facing Israel and the Jewish people, in no small measure because of policies being advanced by the Biden Administration.

During the Interview, Barry drew parallels between the story of Chanukah which took place over 2000 years ago, and what Jews are confronting today against those who seek our destruction.

Barry also observed and contrasted how US Administrations who have been hostile to Israel, have suffered economically and otherwise, back home, citing specifically, the Obama and Biden Administrations. Whereas under President Trump, who was very good to Israel and the Jewish people, Americans prospered. He also discussed the different approaches taken by Bibi Netanyahu and the current Israeli leaders, PM Bennett and FM Lapid, in conveying their positions on Iran with their American counterparts.

During the interview, issues were raised such as how the US Administration is stubbornly determined to re-enter nuclear talks with Iran, in spite of the violations uncovered by nuclear inspectors, and Iran vowing to launch a nuclear attack against Israel. Recently, An Iranian commander said, “We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel.”

A recent report from the IAEA states that Iran has enough uranium enriched to nearly 20 and 60%, to produce a single nuclear weapon in as little as 3 weeks.

Barry told us that while the US and Europe continue to engage in appeasement diplomacy, The IDF is in accelerated mode in preparing for the eventuality that military operations will be required to end Iran’s nuclear program.


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