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TWO Governments in Power in the USA? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

Retired attorney and blog writer, Ted Belman says that Joe Biden is not the President of the United States of America, – or at least, he won’t be the president for long. Belman states that the military or national guard that was in the U.S. capitol for the inauguration was because there were massive arrest warrants out for various crimes of Biden, Harris, Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. and ‘Trump’s plan’, with the U.S. military behind him, were going to put them all up on military trial which would prove the voter fraud, and other crimes of these leading Democrats. Well, THAT never happened. Tamar argues with Belman that all this ‘fake news’ coming from right wing die-hards is either just wishful thinking or even just click-bate for unhappy conservatives to click on. Tamar states that all these ‘claims’ from right-wing pundits of what is going to happen shows that these die-hards on the right can also come up with fake news just as much as the Left does, and THAT saddens her very much. So, who’s right? This show was electric, filled with accusations and even shouting, but YOU CAN DECIDE for yourselves whether to put your trust in these theories -or not. Check his website and the info he presents there, for yourselves, at:


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