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Women of Strength – SPECIAL SHOW [audio] 🎧

How does one live life forward in the face of challenge, tragedy or illness? What are the tools and perspectives of women who stay strong in spite of the pain of their circumstances?

‘Women of Strength’ features three women who have gone through pain, challenge and loss and give us a glimpse into their personal portals of strength.

Jody Teicher was single for 52 years before she married her husband. After 2 1/2 years he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. In less than 6 months ‘Hashem took him home.’ The pain of loss continues, yet Jody lives forward. Learn about the source of her strength and optimism.

Sherri Mandell is the mother of Koby Mandel who was murdered by terrorists 19 years ago near their home in Tekoa Israel. Since then Sherri has written three books: ‘The Blessing of a Broken Heart,’ ‘The Road to Resilience,’ and a children’s book ‘The Elephant in the Sukkah.’ She and her husband also established The Koby Mandell Foundation which runs healing programs for families who have been directly effected by terror
How has Sherri turned her excruciating pain into such tremendous power?

Cheri Tannenbaum has lived most of her life with a rare debilitating disorder called Dystonia which has given her many debilitating symptoms including many years of unintelligible speech and being prone to constantly fall without notice. Cheri shares her journey of struggle, optimism and strength in her book ‘Woman of Few Words.’ In addition to writing a book, Cheri and her family have established The Dystonia Foundation to help others who suffer from this rare, but debilitating disorder.
In Cheri’s own words ” I could have made the choice to just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and never get up.” Yet, Cheri does get up each day and lives life with meaning and purpose. How does she accomplish this?

Learn from these exceptional women what gives them strength, what gives them courage, what gives them optimism in the face of tremendous challenge!