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We Don’t Wear the Same Uniform

This Shabbat we had a family get-together in a small community north of Jerusalem with all of our children and most of our grandchildren.

Tonight (Saturday night) we were returning home by bus which left us off at the closest intersection, about a 10-minute walk from our house.

We had a few extra things with us and it was a bit cumbersome but we were managing. After a minute or two, a family of Belzer Hasidim passed us and offered to help us – they live a few buildings away from us.

One of their sons took a small suitcase and another a big, plastic bag which was bulky and heavy. We never met them before but they may have seen my husband in a synagogue in the neighborhood. In any event, it was a very good feeling that they offered to help us even though we don’t wear the same “uniforms”.


About Partners in Kindness

Our first project is called A Daily Dose of Kindness. Each day people report acts of kindness to us and we report anonymously to the list what people have done. These stories give you ideas and the urge to act yourself. It is pretty contagious.

Just send us your story about an act of kindness that you have done that you would like to share with others. It does not matter if it is something big or very small. Stories will be distributed to this list anonymously to protect everyone’s privacy. Names of people, places, and other details mentioned in the stories may been changed to protect privacy

Please pass the emails along to any of your friends and family who may also be interested!


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After Shmuel Greenbaum’s wife was killed by a suicide bomber in a Jerusalem restaurant, he responded to his tragedy not with hatred and anger, but by teaching the world kindness through the personal stories of every day people. His two websites send kindness e-mails to thousands of subscribers directly and are reprinted in hundreds of publications, which reach millions of readers.

Shmuel is fascinating audiences from Larnaca, Cyprus to London, England with a dynamic presentation. Rather than focusing on hatred and anger, Shmuel focuses on the positive. Through stories and audience participation, Shmuel plays up the emotions of the crowd and rivets his audience’s attention. Participants come away feeling very positive and excited about doing something great. Shmuel is the founder of Partners in Kindness and has published his book called, ‘A Daily Dose of Kindness’ which can be found on his website, Partners in Kindness.