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A Stranger’s Kindness


Daily Dose of Kindness
Monday, September 7, 2015
Today’s Story
A friend told me this story:
My husband was going to be in the States and needed to spend Shabbat with with an observant family while he was there.

He had an observant cousin, Jonathan Goodman, so we looked him up on the internet, and David called him.

“Hi, is this Jonathan Goodman? This is your cousin David.  I am going to be in New York next month and need a place to spend Shabbat.  Can I join you?”

“Sure!  We’d be delighted.”

“Great, can you confirm your address for me?”

They proceeded to chat a bit and suddenly David was not sure if he was speaking to his cousin or not.

“Um, tell me how are Aunt Dena and Uncle Abe?”


“Your parents…”

“My parents are Bella and Robert.”

“Oh, wow.  I think I’d better look up the Jonathan Goodman who really IS my cousin!”

“Why?  If you are going to be in New York and need a place for Shabbat, you can come stay with us.  You don’t have to be related to do that!”

Who is like the Nation of Israel!