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Balaam’s Ass and the Chickpea Thief – Israel on My Mind [audio] 🎧

In this week’s show, Ross and Jono share the latest good and bad news out of the UN. It seems that they have taken up the noble cause of finding those countries that abuse the rights of women. The bad news is that Israel was identified as the world’s only violator. A Saudi blogger is assaulted on his way to pray at Al Aqsa, Ahmadinejad sets the record straight on his Antisemitism, and the US House of Representatives (or most of them) vote against BDS. A Bedouin stole 1/2 ton of chickpeas, prisoners claimed to be Jewish to get better food, and a weed cafe concerns a certain rabbi. Bon Jovi is back in Israel and members of the “Squad” have been permitted to travel to Israel as well. These stories and much more in Balaam’s Ass and the Chickpea Thief.



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