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Beyond The Matrix – Finding Your Purpose in Life

Ira and Rod are joined by Rav Dror, fresh off his North American visit to Toronto, New York and Miami. He shares with us the importance of being who you are if you really want to understand your purpose in life.

Beyond The Matrix 06Jun – PODCAST

3 Comments on Beyond The Matrix – Finding Your Purpose in Life

  1. I did know about Rav Dror and enjoyed your interview. However, when I did a search on his name, there were many negative comments because of the conflict with the ultra-Orthodox and wome, etc. It would be wonderful if you could comment on his ideas about women. I appreciate our traditions, but am disturbed by some of things I read about ultra-orthodox. I go to a Chabad and my rabbi is ‘by the rules’ but that does not mean he ever makes one woman or one non-Jew feel less special; so please explain Rav Dror’s position.

    And thanks for your show!

    • Thanks for commenting Tzvia. We appreciate you listening to the show and asking about a very important subject. Rav Dror never would demean any human being, and certainly would never make women feel like they are less than men. As a matter of fact, just the opposite would be true. He would tell you, like many other Rabbis that it is women who are elevated, and men are required to keep many more mitzvot, because we require more repair.

      To that end, Rav Dror and the Emunah Center team are in the process of expanding their women’s program, which just happens to be under the direction of my wife.

      Be well, and thanks again for listening,


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