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Binyamin Netanyahu Gives His Thoughts Free Reign – The Walter Bingham File [audio] 🎧

This is truly a packed programme covering the events of the week.

Binyamin Netanyahu Gives His Thoughts Free Reign :And His Stern Lecture To NATO Countries’ Ambassadors.

At a lunch for the Ambassadors to Israel from NATO countries, Prime Minister Netanyahu spelled out the danger for their countries, if they will not take firm action against Iran. He also disclosed that Israel prevented several major terrorist attacks on Europe, some involving civil aviation.

Hear: How at a different venue he argued for the replacement of UNWRA and how 355 million US dollars of donated money goes to reward the killing of Jews.

And: More about Israel, the Caring and Compassionate Society and the success of a civilian NGO to eradicate the stigma of disablement – and providing them with the tools to integrate into the community and wider society.

Also: All about Norway’s ‘hyclari’ twisted efforts to be in on the act of peace making, with our President Ruven Rivlin.

How: Archaeology corroborates the bible and also some 500,000 year old finds.

Plus: Trump, Bannon, the book and the Russians and more.

The Walter Bingham File 16Jan2018 – PODCAST

Photo image credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Wiki-Commons


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