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The Walter Bingham File

Walter brings you voices and commentary from on the ground in Israel.

Walter Bingham is a veteran Journalist and Broadcaster. He holds a BA in Politics and Philosophy and a Post Graduate degree in Political Philosophy. Before making Aliyah in 2004, Walter had a long career in radio broadcasting in the UK. Walter lives an exciting life, and now, in his 97th year of life, he holds the Guinness world record as the oldest working radio Talk-Show host. He had his own show on the radio in the UK and has also acted in films including several Harry Potter movies. In Israel he also presents ‘Walter’s World’ on Arutz Sheva which is also heard on J-Air radio 87.8 FM in Australia. Join his show here on Israel News Talk Radio. ‘The Walter Bingham File’ airs every Tuesday at 4 PM Israel time, 2 PM UK time, 9 AM Eastern (U.S.) time, and 1 AM in Melbourne and is archived thereafter on our website

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