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The Spiritual Side of the Physical

September 6, 2015 0

Ever since I started learning Torah, I’ve heard this concept of the physical being used as a means to better understand and access the spiritual side. I heard that this was the reason one fasted …Keep Reading!

Shmuel Greenbaum

August 16, 2015 0

After Shmuel Greenbaum’s wife was killed by a suicide bomber in a Jerusalem restaurant, he responded to his tragedy not with hatred and anger, but by teaching the world kindness through the personal stories of …Keep Reading!

Robert Cait -Comedy

August 9, 2015 0

Robert Cait does his ‘News & Jews’ Comedy newscast exclusively for Israel News Talk Radio.   Robert Cait’s brilliant Jewish stand-up comedy has earned him the prestigious title: “George Carlin with a kippah.” With one …Keep Reading!

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