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Chinese New Year – and What Could Be Better than Perfect?

...a few nights ago I thought, “I’m doing this RIGHT NOW.” Even if it’s 10pm. Even if I don’t finish it now in one go. I’m just going to start working on it RIGHT NOW. And I did.

I’ve been working with Devorah Sisso Stieglitz for about a year now, but produced a number of incredible things this past month alone – and she noticed. A few days ago, she finally couldn’t resist and asked me, “What changed? Why are you suddenly producing so much?”

The answer was actually very simple: I just decided to START doing things.

There’s a quote I read recently that I really like that goes: “Is it one day, or day one? You decide.”

This month I decided it was time for day one.

It’s one of the things that’s actually almost as easily done as it is said. I’ve had a list of things I’ve been meaning to do for Devorah for a while, like people to reach out to, etc. I always knew I had to do them but it was always “when so and so happens” or “tomorrow morning, when I’m fully awake.” And finally a few nights ago I thought, “I’m doing this RIGHT NOW.” Even if it’s 10pm. Even if I don’t finish it now in one go. I’m just going to start working on it RIGHT NOW. And I did.

Productivity is a thing with momentum. You just need to get the ball rolling, and it’ll speed up by itself over time, and get even faster as you get into the hang of things. What are some of the things you’ve always wanted to do but “you’ll get around to them eventually”? Read a certain book, learn a skill, or try a new recipe? Before you finish reading this, pick one thing you’ve put off for a long time – the smaller and quicker to achieve the better – and decide to do it. If your idea is too big, then break it down to small steps and pick one of those.

Each of us has that itch to create and produce, it’s what comes with having a part of Hashem inside you. So give in to it. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 😉 Whether you decide to wash your dishes, clean out the closet, call that person, read that book, start that foundation, raise that money, take on that new mitzvah, or grow your hair to donate – just pick ONE thing to do after reading this. And you’ll find that it wasn’t as hard as you thought it might be, and you can’t wait to start another little project.

You may be thinking “you make it sound as if it were that easy!” and the truth is, it’s because it IS that easy. Decide you’ll do it, figure out how to (when lost, Google usually knows!) and then go do it.

So what’s better than perfect (i.e., getting something done perfectly, when you’re ready)? Getting that thing DONE.

Consider this a little nudge: in case you haven’t started working on your 2017 resolutions yet, or your 5777 ones, or have forgotten your list/s already… this weekend is the Chinese lunar new year, another opportunity for a “fresh start” to go over those lists again, or write them anew. 😉

Happy producing!

Bernicbernice_goe is a Noahide from the Philippines who spends most of her time playing violin, being involved in musicology research, and writing about various topics (her favorite being Judaism). The rest of the time, she can be found drinking coffee, reading, and convincing herself to workout. 


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