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Desert Miracles and Desert Losses

Our 22 year old son, who is in the Israeli army, bought himself a civilian jeep a few months ago with his hard-earned savings.
When he gets out of the army for a weekend, he likes to go on off-road excursions with his friends.
This past Friday he and two friends, one with a jeep of his own, went on an excursion in the desert. After finishing the planned route, the one with his own jeep returned to Jerusalem. Our son and his other friend decided to continue a bit more.
Going over a patch of difficult terrain, the jeep tipped over on its side. Through G-d’s great mercy, neither of them were hurt. The jeep, however, was stuck. They tried to call for a rescue vehicle to come and pull them out, but were unsuccessful. It was getting close to Shabbat (the Sabbath) when religiously observant Jews don’t travel.
They took what they could carry from the jeep and began walking to Ma’aleh Adumim (north-east of Jerusalem) where the friend lives, thinking they could get there before the onset of Shabbat. The friend who had been with them earlier, hearing of their predicament, went and picked them up and brought each one home, arriving about 10 minutes before Shabbat began.
The kindness didn’t end there. After Shabbat, our son called a couple friends to see if they could help him get back to the jeep and get it out. They, in turn, posted to their Whatsapp networks. 5 guys, in 3 vehicles, turned up to help! Some of them didn’t even know our son!!! These young men, some of them also in the army with very little free time, volunteered to spend their Saturday night in this endeavor.
Unfortunately, when they got to the spot, the jeep was gone. They drove around searching for it to no avail. Most likely it was taken by Bedouins in the area. Though he reported it to the police, our son has little hope of recovering it.
The pain of losing the jeep was mitigated by G-d’s kindness in sparing them from bodily injury, and the kindness of all the young men who did what they could to help.
 – Submitted by an unknown contributor.

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