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Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA reveals “cold stone Jew Haters”. – Beyond the Matrix [audio] 🎧

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Dexter Van Zile who reveals “stone cold Jew haters” – purveyors of vile anti-Zionist, Anti-Israel messaging that also targets the Jewish nation’s Christian Evangelical Zionist supporters. Van Zile is the Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA – the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA). His articles appear in Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, the Algemeiner and on the CAMERA website: The interview occurred following the 14th Washington Summit of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) with a membership of over 6 million in the US. Van Zile explained what drives CUFI Evangelical support for Israel. It is the aspirational core belief in the capacity to make lives better. In that sense Israel is regarding as a positive good in the world. It is also driven by remorse over the holocaust and lack of protection for Christians in the Middle East. Regarding Jewish Orthodox concerns over proselytizing in Israel, Van Zile pointed out that both CUFI and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem disavow proselytizing. Internationally this core belief has propelled the growth of Evangelical and Pentecostal movements in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In African nations, like Uganda and Nigeria, it reflects Christian groups experience with Jihadist hostility. They consider the pro-Israel group to be the equivalent of ISIS and Al Qaeda spreading so-called “Christian Caliphate Sharia doctrine”. Van Zile drew attention to a former Boston Globe Middle East journalist, Charles Senott, attacking CUFI and Evangelicals as “Crazy Christians” fostering End Time Armageddon attacks in Jerusalem. That is based on the Y2K Millennial scare in the run up to the year 2000. Senott and the Ground Truth Project marginalize Christian Evangelicals as the equivalent of Jihadists. Then there is the case of arch Jew hater Owen Benjamin, a failed Hollywood comedian who got on You Tube to make serious, vile hateful videos about Jews. At his peak, Benjamin had over 250,000 subscribers. Benjamin monetized anti-Semitism on both YouTube and Pay Pal as he was driving traffic to both sites. While both YouTube and Pay Pal eventually demonetized Benjamin, his hateful videos can still be found on-line. Van Zile spoke of anti-Israel BDS resolutions of the UCC and Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA). Those began in 2005 directed at Israel building its security barrier following the Second Intifada. He considers their allegations as dishonest as they avoided discussing incitement to hate conveyed by Palestinian Imams on tv. He noted an Episcopal suffragan bishop caught engaging in spreading false witness testimony of alleged IDF mistreatment of Palestinians. Some pro-Israel groups of the UCC and PCUSA have given up battling with their anti-Israel leadership. Hence there were no pro-Israel resolutions introduced at recent assemblies. Van Zile spent the last five years attending Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC) conferences in Bethlehem targeting pro-Israel Evangelicals. At the 2018 CATC conference Van Zile challenged them about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’s role in Nazi Germany during WWII fostering the Holocaust. Leaders of the CATC asserted that was ‘untrue’. Some Mainline Protestant denominations turned from pro-Zionism with their attacks on growing evangelical movements in the 1920’s. Their missionizing/proselytizing overseas in the Middle East led some of these groups to espouse Arab nationalism, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel positions. Van Zile discussed the World Vision International charity involved in conflict zones like Gaza. World Vision, originally established by Evangelicals who were anti-Communists, became anti-Israel in non-US European chapters soliciting funds from secular groups. World Vision International embraced an anti-Israel narrative because it raised money.



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