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Dr. Bill Warner, A Candid Conversation – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

Gadi really enjoys interviewing people but what he enjoys more is when that person is an expert on Islam and educates with the truth.
Dr. Bill Warner is one such person. This one on one interview is candid, fun and what’s more, it’s educational.
You can find Dr. Warner’s articles, videos and more at his website: be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for all of his videos here:

The Danger Zone 07May2018 – PODCAST




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2 Comments on Dr. Bill Warner, A Candid Conversation – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

  1. 1) Gadi Adelman interviewing this kaffir (disbeliever) and talking about the threat about Islam only increases bigotry the fact remains bill warner has no knowledge of islam he only highlights the negative aspects.

    2) Regarding martyrdom operations like 9/11 and other related operations it was struck because the world trade centre was the financial heart of the America after it invaded. (INTR ED. Note: America was not in the Middle East at the time, the U.S. went in AFTER it was attacked on 9/11.)

    3) Muslim brotherhood Ikwan muslimeen are Ashari in creed some are salafi (athari) in creed but the law and foundations of ikwan muslimeen is about bringing the law of Allah upon the earth without it you see groups emerge ikwan muslimeen is a pacifist movement like hizb tahirir whos founder was taqi din nabhani a scholar in palestine.

    4) Trying to understand Islamic JIhad you have to understand Israelite history and rebellion since the covenant of bani isreal still exists in blood form but a new covenant of faith has emerged as a overseer over Christianity and Judaism.

    5) The plan by groups like Ikwan muslimeen and hizb tahirer groups these are ashari organigsed groups which want to bring about a peaceful caliphate stopping groups like this only is oppressed leading to salafi (athari) militant groups taking islamic law in there own hands and these leads to bloodshed.

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